Learn the basics on how to choose a forex broker and analyze the currency markets.

1. Brokers 101

The first step in the real world of forex is opening an account with a broker. But be warned! Brokers love to hunt for noobs.

  1. History of Retail Forex Trading
    Learn the roots and history of the forex market to help give you an understanding of how to tame this beast.
  2. Forex Broker Types: Dealing Desk and No Dealing Desk
    There are two types of services when doing business in the retail forex market: Dealing Desk and No Dealing Desk. What’s the difference?
  3. Dealing Desk vs. No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers
    One type of broker isn’t necessarily better than the other because each trader is different. This lesson will help you decide which factors are most important to you.
  4. What is a Spread in Forex Trading?
    What is a “spread” when trading forex? And no, it’s not the kind of spread you use in sandwiches.
  5. 6 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing a Forex Broker
    Choosing which broker to trade with can be a very overwhelming task especially if you don’t know what you should be looking for. In this section, we will discuss the qualities you should look for when picking a broker.
  6. Beware of Forex Bucket Shops
    Unfortunately, there are those out there who don’t play fair or by the rules. We here at will help you avoid entrusting your hard-earned cash to these nasty bucketeers.
  7. How to Protect Yourself Against Forex Broker Scams
    While you may feel like a dwarf among big bad brokers, it doesn’t mean that you have to take their abuse! Here are some ways to fight back against unfair practices!
  8. How to Open a Forex Trading Account
    Now that you’ve done you’re due diligence like we’re sure you have, it’s time to to pull that trigger and open an account.

2. Three Types of Analysis

What’s it gonna be? The red pill, the green pill, or the blue pill?

  1. 3 Types of Forex Market Analysis
    There are three basic types of market analysis: technical, fundamental, and market sentiment. Which suits you?
  2. Technical Analysis
    Technical analysis is the framework in which traders study price movement.
  3. Fundamental Analysis
    If you like analyzing social, economic, and political factors that affect currency supply and demand, then fundamental analysis is for you!
  4. Sentiment Analysis
    Sometimes it’s not always about the numbers, but how market players feel…how do you figure out and trade forex off of that?
  5. Which Type of Analysis for Forex Trading is Best?
    In order to become a true forex master you will need to know how to effectively use these three types of analysis.

3. Types of Charts

What’s your type? (By that we mean charts.)

  1. 3 Types of Forex Charts and How to Read Them
    Sometimes, it’s all about perspective when understanding a market. Different types of charts can influence how you analyze an asset like currencies.